Humpback whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/09/22 15:10:41Possibly detected41.0613-70.8324Possible HW downsweep in P14?


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/09/22 03:40:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW vocalizations in P10 and 12 but the pitch tracks are short and could easily be noise.
06/09/22 04:40:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW vocalization at the beginning of P13?
06/09/22 10:25:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW social sounds in P8? They could be nonbiological. One faint LF downsweep in P16, source unknown.
06/09/22 15:10:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW downsweep in P14?
06/09/22 18:25:4141.0613-70.8324One LF downsweep in P4, source unknown.
06/09/22 18:40:4141.0613-70.8324There are a lot of very short LF downsweeps in P12-14, one of which is classified as SW. There’s another short downsweep just before it but they’re different amplitudes and both very short. Source unknown. Also a possible HW upsweep in P15 but the pitch track is jagged and could be noise.
06/09/22 18:55:4141.0613-70.8324Loud short LF downsweeps throughout this period, source unknown.
06/09/22 19:10:4141.0613-70.8324There are some LF downsweeps and other spurious pitch tracks in P2, difficult to tell what is biological or not.
06/09/22 19:25:4141.0613-70.8324One loud, straight LF downsweep in P10, source unknown.
06/09/22 20:10:4141.0613-70.8324A few loud, straight LF downsweeps throughout this period but especially in P9-10. Source unknown.
06/09/22 20:40:4141.0613-70.8324Short LF downsweeps throughout this period, source unknown. Good example of these random downsweeps that have been observed periodically on different platforms.