Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/07/22 03:40:4141.0613-70.8324Possible series of short downsweeps at the very end of the period? There’s too much LF noise in this period to be certain these are biological.
06/07/22 11:25:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW vocalizations in P9-11 and 13-15 but it’s difficult to tell whether any of the pitch tracks or actually biological or not. There are some artifacts and other faint noise surrounding some of them.
06/07/22 12:10:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW downsweep in P7? It has artifacts though and there’s another cluster of loud pitch tracks in P12 that looks like it could be noise.