Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
01/24/19 02:25:3934.9768-75.6310Unconvincing right whale detection panel 7. Likely noise.
01/24/19 04:10:3934.9766-75.6253detected fin whale calls potentially in a pattern but the other two are not convincing, and there's noise
01/24/19 06:01:1134.9765-75.6235right whale classification is in with noise
01/24/19 08:10:3934.9842-75.6181some unusual low frequency panel 10
01/24/19 09:10:3934.9912-75.6108same low frequency sounds panel 7 and 8
01/24/19 13:25:3935.0122-75.5517some low freq noise panel 5
01/24/19 19:10:3935.0345-75.4997right whale detections are noise
01/24/19 22:10:3935.0602-75.4914right whale classification is noise
01/24/19 23:10:3935.0677-75.4888right whale classification is noise