Sei whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/05/16 14:12:18Detected42.3616-66.5753
07/05/16 15:16:32Possibly detected42.3682-66.5657
07/05/16 15:31:32Detected42.3689-66.5682Some nice long downsweeps here.
07/05/16 15:46:32Detected42.3698-66.5704
07/05/16 16:31:32Possibly detected42.3722-66.5776
07/05/16 17:31:32Detected42.3572-66.5162
07/05/16 17:46:32Detected42.3567-66.5138
07/05/16 18:16:32Detected42.3558-66.5090
07/05/16 18:31:32Possibly detected42.3553-66.5064
07/05/16 21:16:32Detected42.3518-66.5255Great doublet in P14! Unclassified but very loud and good shape.
07/05/16 21:31:32Detected42.3519-66.5256
07/05/16 22:31:32Detected42.3579-66.5926
07/05/16 22:46:32Detected42.3595-66.5943
07/05/16 23:01:32Detected42.3614-66.5958


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/05/16 07:31:3242.3215-66.4885Possible SW downsweep in P3 but it's so faint that it could easily just be noise.
07/05/16 13:31:3242.3611-66.6062Possible SW downsweeps in P5 and 8 but both are fairly low quality. Would like to see at least one higher quality PT before scoring this period as Possibly for SW.
07/05/16 15:31:3242.3689-66.5682Some nice long downsweeps here.
07/05/16 20:16:3242.3512-66.5236Possible HW calling in P13-14, esp. in P13. Very isolated and higher frequency.
07/05/16 21:16:3242.3518-66.5255Great doublet in P14! Unclassified but very loud and good shape.