Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/25/16 02:31:3242.0267-66.3386High freq nose in P3, 15-16. Possible ship noise in P3?
06/25/16 20:01:3242.0652-66.1487Some higher frequency messy PTs in P11 and 13, not sure what this noise is.
06/25/16 20:16:3242.0651-66.1483Unknown higher frequency sound in P10.
06/25/16 21:31:3242.0646-66.1465Looks like possible ship noise in P4, very loud.
06/25/16 22:16:3242.0643-66.1454More weird noise in P5.
06/25/16 22:17:2642.0643-66.1454The loud PTs in P15 look like they could be biological, but then there's the noise in P16 that looks more mechanical.