Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/24/16 08:16:32Detected42.0037-66.2338


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/24/16 05:16:3242.1519-66.4377Some faint low frequency patterned tonals in P3-6 and 10. Are these biological?
06/24/16 06:31:3242.0185-66.2682More patterned low frequency PTs.
06/24/16 06:46:3242.0165-66.2634More patterned low frequency PTs.
06/24/16 07:16:3242.0122-66.2535One of the low frequency PTs is classified as FW in P16. Are these just abnormal FW calls?
06/24/16 07:31:3242.0101-66.2486FW calling?
06/24/16 22:16:3241.9705-66.1475High frequency noise in P16, not sure what this is.
06/24/16 22:31:3241.9683-66.1427More high freq noise in P1.
06/24/16 23:46:3241.9562-66.1181Some high freq noise here esp. in P10-11.