Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/21/15 01:29:33Detected41.3694-69.3945
07/21/15 07:29:33Possibly detected41.2982-69.3971a lot of artifacts present
07/21/15 08:29:33Detected41.2789-69.4192some hb-like artifacts present
07/21/15 10:29:33Detected41.3040-69.4199
07/21/15 13:29:33Possibly detected41.3650-69.3944
07/21/15 16:29:33Detected41.3882-69.3862humpback-like faint artifacts present
07/21/15 18:29:33Possibly detected41.3449-69.3884
07/21/15 19:59:33Detected41.3086-69.3964
07/21/15 20:29:33Detected41.3013-69.3975
07/21/15 21:29:33Detected41.2870-69.3991
07/21/15 22:29:33Detected41.3073-69.3950

Right whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/21/15 03:44:33Possibly detected41.3690-69.39662 classified faint possible RW calls


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/21/15 03:29:3341.3666-69.3947a lot of artifacts present
07/21/15 03:44:3341.3690-69.39662 classified faint possible RW calls
07/21/15 04:29:3341.3780-69.3992maybe there's a hb there but there are too many artifacts to be certain
07/21/15 07:29:3341.2982-69.3971a lot of artifacts present
07/21/15 08:29:3341.2789-69.4192some hb-like artifacts present
07/21/15 14:29:3341.3786-69.3897a lot of artifacts present
07/21/15 15:29:3341.3784-69.3901possibly a fin present but IPIs are not consistent. Also, lots of artifacts present that look like they can belong to humpbacks but too faint to tell
07/21/15 16:29:3341.3882-69.3862humpback-like faint artifacts present
07/21/15 17:29:3341.3473-69.3933panel 11 looks like it could have hb vocs but are very faint
07/21/15 23:29:3341.3031-69.3925classified fin pulses but never got 3 in a row with consistent IPIs so not detected.