Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/31/17 00:08:3029.1984-85.8215A few low, slow tonal donwsweeps here. What are these?
05/31/17 01:23:3029.1925-85.8153What are loud LF tones here?
05/31/17 02:08:3029.1898-85.8133What are loud 600+ Hz sounds here?
05/31/17 04:08:3029.1777-85.7923p12?
05/31/17 11:08:3029.1382-85.7470Possible repetitive LF sounds here?
05/31/17 14:23:3029.1258-85.7339Many repetitive LF sounds here. Too faint to know anything more about them.
05/31/17 14:38:3029.1245-85.7321Very faint repetitive LF sounds.
05/31/17 20:23:3029.1373-85.7194p5 and p7?