Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/03/23 01:58:1931.9744-80.0796p9 - sei whale signal but probably wrongly classified
06/03/23 06:58:1931.9744-80.0796p3,6,10 - rw upcall, not isolated, noise present
06/03/23 07:58:1931.9744-80.0796p1 - rw upcall with noise
06/03/23 08:58:1931.9744-80.0796p1 - rw upcall with some noise
06/03/23 09:58:1931.9744-80.0796p4 - rw upcall with some noise; has the step-like shape
06/03/23 11:58:1931.9744-80.0796p1 - rw upcall with noise
06/03/23 15:58:1931.9744-80.0796p2 - sei whale call but misclassified
06/03/23 18:58:1931.9744-80.0796p1 - rw upcall, more or less smooth shape but not isolated
06/03/23 22:58:1931.9744-80.0796interesting signals that could be humpbacks
06/03/23 23:58:1931.9744-80.0796interesting signals that could be humpbacks p8 - the jagged-shaped/step-like shaped rw upcall