Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/04/23 01:58:1931.9744-80.0796humpbacks?
05/04/23 03:58:1931.9744-80.0796p15 - rw upcall detection with one noise signal above it
05/04/23 09:58:1931.9744-80.0796p8 - rw upcall with one noise signal close to it
05/04/23 15:58:1931.9744-80.0796p6 - rw upcall not isolated (has noise around it)
05/04/23 19:58:1931.9744-80.0796p7,8 - humpbacks?
05/04/23 21:58:1931.9744-80.0796Not sure if humpbacks but could considering the next summary period