Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/31/22 00:11:3531.9740-80.0789More spurious noise in same freq range, lots look like loud, short downsweeps
08/31/22 05:11:3531.9740-80.0789P3 has two isolated downsweep noises, but follows pattern of spurious noise
08/31/22 06:11:3531.9740-80.0789Lots of random spurious noise
08/31/22 19:11:3531.9740-80.0789Lots of spurious noise in the 200-400 Hz range, some are downsweeps
08/31/22 22:11:3531.9740-80.0789P4 and 5 look like they have some isolated downsweeps but they follow the pattern of spurious noise