Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/27/22 01:11:3531.9740-80.0789noisy
08/27/22 06:11:3531.9740-80.0789low quality RW detection in P5
08/27/22 09:26:3531.9740-80.0789Nice up-call in P4, but not quite enough evidence this is biological
08/27/22 14:26:3531.9740-80.0789quiet moan in P9?
08/27/22 17:56:3531.9740-80.0789RW detection in P1 is short, and not shaped right
08/27/22 19:11:3531.9740-80.0789More of the noise pairs that occur frequently at this buoy
08/27/22 23:11:3531.9740-80.0789p1-5 maybe possible detection of HW but likely not