Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/26/22 01:11:3531.9740-80.0789lots of artifacts
08/26/22 02:11:3531.9740-80.0789A few nice PTs here, but surrounded by artifacts
08/26/22 06:56:3531.9740-80.0789RW detection in P4 is too quiet and not clean
08/26/22 07:11:3531.9740-80.0789RW detections in P7 quiet, short and not clean
08/26/22 07:56:3531.9740-80.0789RW detection in P16 was quiet, unclean, surrounded by noise
08/26/22 15:56:3531.9740-80.0789nice down-sweep in P13 but too quiet
08/26/22 19:11:3531.9740-80.0789More of these paired PTs. A few good shapes but a bit short.
08/26/22 22:11:3531.9740-80.0789A few nice shaped PTs but generally seems like noise
08/26/22 23:11:3531.9740-80.0789A few nicely shaped PTs, but short and noisy