Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/25/22 00:11:3531.9740-80.0789A few nicely shaped down-sweeps, but too much surrounding noise
08/25/22 03:11:3531.9740-80.0789A few tempting pitch tracks in P10, P11 and P14, but no real patterning and too much surrounding noise
08/25/22 05:11:3531.9740-80.0789some nicely shaped and patterned PTs, but PTs are a bit short and filled with artifacts
08/25/22 08:26:3531.9740-80.0789RW detection loud, but not clean
08/25/22 09:11:3531.9740-80.0789Nice moan in P11 but has some surrounding noise
08/25/22 10:11:3531.9740-80.0789RW detection in P8 not clean
08/25/22 19:11:3531.9740-80.0789Some nice PTs here showing up in pairs. Could possibly be HB, but it's not clean enough to mark as "possibly"
08/25/22 20:11:3531.9740-80.0789lots of artifacts
08/25/22 22:11:3531.9740-80.0789PTs are not clean enough to classify as biological