Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/14/23 00:14:5247.5618-63.9935One classified RW upcall in P7. The call is short-duration, faint, and followed by several pitch tracks of similar frequency and amplitude.
07/14/23 01:14:5247.5559-63.9908One classified RW upcall in P4. The call is short-duration, poorly shaped with artifacts, and surrounded by other pitch tracks that are likely attributable to background noise.
07/14/23 10:14:5247.5337-63.9318Possible biological sound (loud, unclassified) in P9.
07/14/23 17:14:5247.5297-63.8996There is a lot of tonal noise in the 10-50 Hz range on this glider so I am very skeptical of any calls that are classified as fin.