Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/13/23 00:14:5247.6070-64.0781Two unclassified sounds in P4. The pitch tracks are inconsistently modulated by frequency and amplitude, which makes them less convincing of a biological origin.
07/13/23 01:14:5247.6028-64.0738One classified RW upcall in P13. The call is faint and has two artifacts making the shape unclear, in addition to not being isolated.
07/13/23 15:14:5247.6037-64.0124Two classified RW upcalls in P3-4. The calls are short-duration, mostly low- amplitude, poorly shaped with artifacts, and are not isolated from other pitch tracks.
07/13/23 20:14:5247.5768-63.9992One classified RW upcall in P4 followed by a classified HW call. The calls are low- to mid-amplitude with several artifacts and surrounded by other pitch tracks of similar frequency and amplitude.