Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/14/17 09:27:5748.2323-62.7474Some unknown short LF sweeps
06/14/17 11:27:5748.2244-62.7234Some classified fw, but no pattern
06/14/17 12:27:5748.2183-62.7053Faint MF sweeps. Also more classified fw not in pattern
06/14/17 13:27:5748.2228-62.6999nice bw arch call
06/14/17 14:27:5748.2195-62.6892More faint MF tonals and classified fw not in pattern
06/14/17 15:27:5748.2244-62.6845Noisy
06/14/17 16:27:5748.2255-62.6770Noisy, with what looks like bw arch calls
06/14/17 17:27:5748.2307-62.6734More bw arch calls
06/14/17 23:27:5748.2297-62.6435Several bw arch calls