Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/04/23 00:34:4948.6550-62.4614Possible SW downsweeps (unclassified) in P7, 9, 12, & 16.
07/04/23 00:49:4948.6548-62.4615Possible SW downsweep (unclassified) in P1.
07/04/23 07:34:4948.6544-62.4668Possible SW downsweep (unclassified) in P3.
07/04/23 07:57:1848.6525-62.4616Possible SW downsweep (unclassified) in P2.
07/04/23 09:04:4948.6320-62.3997Possible SW downsweep (unclassified) in P14.
07/04/23 15:49:4948.6163-62.3439Possible SW downsweep (unclassified) in P15.
07/04/23 20:04:4948.5913-62.2945One classified RW upcall in P2, however, it is amongst other pitch tracks likely attributable to background noise, as the glider had just left the surface; not likely to be a genuine right whale call.
07/04/23 22:34:4948.5913-62.2945Possible SW downsweep (unclassified) in P3.